Three Churches Planted Simultaneously


Maranatha Reconciliation Church has the passion and heart for mission as commanded by Jesus Christ; and for years now soul winning and church planting has been the centre of attention. More churches have been planted in rural areas under the wise leading of the Holy Spirit. More than 100 hundred active churches (we call them “MRC assemblies”) have so far been planted in 13 regions of mainland Tanzania since 1995.

Bishop Mbwambo as the visionary, discovered the need to empower believers for the ministry by establishing an effective Bible college that will cater for men and women who desire to serve God in diverse areas of ministry especially the pastoral, evangelism and teaching ministries. Most pastors who overseer the churches are ordained for the pastoral ministry and attained their formal practical Bible knowledge from Maranatha Bible Institute located in the City of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania — the college equips men and women from various interdenominational churches in Tanzania to undergo those courses.

Each year the Bible college enrolls students for three month’s certificate level courses. All the course programmes are undertaken at MRC headquarters compounds under the leadership of Bishop Rodrick Mbwambo as the principal and founder of the institute.

Last year, 2019, the institute produced more than 20 young pastors who graduated successfully. Among the pastors who went to the ministry field to plant new churches saw three new churches being planted in three respective regions of Tanzania — all of them are located in regional headquarters cities. Pastor Sam is now taking care of the church located in the heart of Dodoma city, which is the official capital of Tanzania. Pastor Stephano Chahe is pastoring a new church in Manyara township, in northern Tanzania. Richard Michael is a pastor ministering in Songea township south of Tanzania, adjacent to Mozambique country.

All churches are still small with regard to number of committed members. But following the kind of training they received from the Bible institute these dynamic men are consistently working hard day and night to making sure that the people that God committed them hear the Gospel and come to Christ. Among the challenges that these young pastors are facing now includes strongholds of false doctrines, Islam, traditional Christian religions, spirit of world pleasures and witchcraft practices.

But through all these obstacles, God has been faithful in providing and attending to their daily needs — spiritually and physically! We urge you to stand together in prayer and support for their young ministries.

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