Muslim lady saved by Jesus


My name is Somoe Nsajigwa born 24 years ago. I am the first born in an Islamic family. To build strong Islamic knowledge in me, my maternal grandmother and grand father sent me to the Islamic classes known as, ‘madrasa’. It was through this strong training which led me to be attracted to Islamic knowledge more than any other knowledge. I worked harder in ‘madrasa’ and I was able to read Quran at young age. All the same, as I advanced in age, I started to doubt the faith of Islam and its prayers. I discovered that the faith was not strong enough to protect me from the lust of the flesh.

However; it was very difficult for me to come out from this religion having spent so long and invested a lot so as to gain this knowledge. The turning point in my life came in 2004 when I came face to face with Jesus through a group of born again Christians. After their preaching I was suddenly released from Islamic faith. Through this teaching, I discovered how Islamic faith had misled me for a long time and by the grace of God I was able to denounce my formal faith and join the multitude of those who worship God in spirit and truth.

After Joining the Maranatha Reconciliation church, I realized the difference between following religion and life in Christ. Before my new birth I used to worship everyday without attaining peace; but in Christ, there is peace and hope. My turning point also saved me from becoming a witch doctor because I was being prepared to inherit evil spirits from my grand mother.

After denouncing the Islamic faith my family also neglected me but I was not worried because I had found a new family in Christ. I continue to pray for my relatives and some of them have decided to come back to me and is my great hope that one day they may also follow the path I have taken. If you are also a Muslim; I advise you to become a follower of Jesus Christ because it is only, through him that we shall inherit the eternal life. Acts 4:12