Bishop Rodrick Mbwambo

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– The founding Bishop: Maranatha Reconciliation Church,
and visionary

WITH great joy, I greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! First and foremost, l am very thankful that you have been able to visit our website in this particular hour. I don’t know exactly the actual reason behind your visit. However, the church of Maranatha Reconciliation is exceptionally motivated by Christ to reach despondent generation of our time with uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ, hence the necessity to establish our ministry through online channels. The website carries the momentous and life-changing message from God that He loves you to the extent that …He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life – Jn 3:16

On 13 th June 1958, sound of joy were heard in a small town of Same in Kilimanjaro region as the women were celebrating the birth of the fifty child to the family of mzee Elifuraha Hosea Luthiu and mama Nimwindael Mkaze. When the time was ripe to present me before the Lord, they gave me the name of Rodrick Mkaze Elifuraha. The early days of my life, were no different from many other children of my age at that time in Tanzania . Sometime because of the low standard of life, my life was threatened and about to be terminated due to severe attack of tape worms. Although the mighty God rescued me from this dangerous disease, it reduced me to a dreadful creature, leaving my hair red and ruffled like a scarecrow.

At the age of seven, Sunday teachings in Lutheran church started to plant the hunger to know more about the word of God. It was this need to know more about God which drove me several kms up and down the hills every Sunday in the company of other children to learn the wonderful stories in the bible. Through these teaching, I started to learn by heart gospel hymns and drama.

In 1966 my parents registered me with Tae primary school, a school located in Chome Suji ward in Same district as a standard one pupil. Again the act of living in the village with my aged paternal grandmother away from the rest of my immediate family; threw me yet to another health problem. A swarm of lice and jiggers took on what the army of worms had left. Once again my life was threatened by these parasites. After a long time however, this disaster passed leaving me in a sympathetic condition. Never the less apart from all these calamities, this time of my life ending in 1970, were the most God instigating period of my life. During this period, God protected me from poisonous snakes, beasts of jungle, drove away the witches and miraculously saved me from diseases caused by long duration of feeding on food contaminated by cockroaches’ fieces.

As my age advanced the hunger and love for God’s word increased in me despite of the lust of youth. Despite the fact that I was not born-again in all this time, still God revealed his call to me through visions. The first vision came to me when I was in primary four at Tae primary school. In this vision, I beheld the heaven was opened before me and for the first time, the New Jerusalem was shown to me. The second vision came to me at the same school when I was resting after a soccer game with my play mates. In that vision I saw numerous war planes scattered in the sky ready for the great battle of Armageddon.

In 1971 when my grandmother was too old to support me; my father who by then had already divorced my mother, transferred me from the village to same town where he worked. At Kiwanja Primary school in Same, I completed my primary education in 1972. Due to the fact that secondary education chances were few in those days, I was unable to be elected to join up. In 1974 I found myself back to primary school again as a repeater at Turiani Primary school in Dar es Salaam . In 1977 I was lucky enough to be elected to continue with secondary education first at Tambaza Secondary school in 1977 and then at Mzumbe Secondary school in Morogoro in 1978.

My life in Secondary school lacked both physical and spiritual blessing compared to the previous life with my grandmother in the village. Having forsaken the teachings of the Lord, unknown disease started to eat my body. Due to these attacks the same person who was formally blessed with seeing vision in his earlier life, saw himself joining the list of millions of people in the world who seek healing from the witchdoctors.

The first witch doctor I contacted was an old man who lived in Kariakoo Dar es Salaam. This man removed a piece of flesh from my throat claiming that it was the cause of my suffering. After one week of treating the open wound, the suffering increased instead of demising. The evil spirit of seeking healing from the hand of the witchdoctors drove me back to Kariakoo, this time to a famous Makonde wizard whom I was told could not fail in any thing. This woman removed a part of the skin that covered the lower part of my chest to allow blood to come in contact with herbs which she applied on my body. For the second time, I found myself treating an open wound without relief.

There is a Swahili proverb which says “atafutaye hachoki.” (Meaning the one who seeks never gets tired), journeys to seek help from witchdoctors increased. This time with the help of my brother I contacted another witchdoctor at Ubungo in Dar es Salaam . This one like all the others before him did not succeed to cure me but only added the urge in me to see more witch doctors, Again with a friend of mine we went to see another witch doctor whom I was told could communicate with the spirits concerning my problem. Although the place appeared to be a place of hope compared to the previous ones, nothing was accomplished.

The last time with the help of my father we visited a witch doctor at Makanya in Kilimanjaro region. We were told that this witch doctor could see what others could not. We were told that he used an X-ray of a slaughtered chicken the sick person had brought. The sickness of the person could be seen in the carcass of the chicken by the witch doctor. All this was done and I took a lot of herbs without measure but the sign of healing continued to be far away as the East is from the West.

Having got tired on seeking witch doctors, I humbly decided to go back to the hospital. This time the medical diagnosis revealed that I had stomach ulcers. To the fact that this disease had no permanent cure; I was provided with many tablets and instructions to give me temporary relief. Having death so close to me the way my mouth is to my nose, I decided to take camouflage in Jesus so that at the last breath, I would be in the mercy of his hands. Surprisingly enough Jesus did more than that; I saw his light in a new life although I was unworthy of the real miracle of my healing.

Back in 1978 I happened to attend a gospel crusade held in Morogoro town where the Evangelist Dr Moses Kulola was preaching. During the prayer I was healed from stomach ulcers and delivered from demonic oppression. The pleasure to realize that God has solved my health problem led me to vow that I will always use the good health he had given me to serve him. After completion of high level education, at Mazengo Secondary school I joined the army, for a one year training and completed in 1983. In 1985 I joined up the Assemblies of God theological Bible College at Dodoma for a diploma course but because of problems I couldn’t avoid, circumstances forced me to terminate my studies at this college.

In 1986 two important things occurred in my life. The first was when we succeeded to register our Christian evangelistic organization known as, the Gospel Evangelistic Team (GET) alongside my fellow preachers; the Bishop Zachary Kakobe, Pastor Mwakatobe and others.

The second was when the Lord blessed me with a beautiful wife sister Grace William Massawe. The marriage ceremony took place on 25th October at Azania Front Lutheran church in Dar es Salaam . These two events contributed a lot on my preaching ministry. In 1987 misunderstandings raised within our ministry and in 1988 I decided to separate myself from the Gospel Evangelistic Team International.

In 1989 the Lord strengthened me again to register another interdenominational ministry known as, the Maranatha Evangelistic Team International (MET). It was from this ministry that the Maranatha Reconciliation Church was born and officially registered on 28th October 1997 .

Alongside running the church internationally, I am doing co-ordination at a national lever for three Christian organization based in Holland . These organizations are Victory Mission, Samaritan’s purse and Operation Christmas Child. Apart from all these duties the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has also blessed me with gift of writing, so far I have written 12 Christian books and good number of gospel tracts.