Pillars of Pentecost Redefined

Reported by Joseph Samwel The annual National convention was held from 10th – 15th September 2019 at our National headquarters situated in Tanzania’s commercial city of Dar es salaam about 2 Km from the newly opened Kigamboni bridge. The convention brought together 500+ brethren from Dar es Salaam, Coast region, Morogoro, Mbeya, Songwe, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, […]


Muslim lady saved by Jesus

My name is Somoe Nsajigwa born 24 years ago. I am the first born in an Islamic family. To build strong Islamic knowledge in me, my maternal grandmother and grand father sent me to the Islamic classes known as, ‘madrasa’. It was through this strong training which led me to be attracted to Islamic knowledge […]


Three Churches Planted Simultaneously

Maranatha Reconciliation Church has the passion and heart for mission as commanded by Jesus Christ; and for years now soul winning and church planting has been the centre of attention. More churches have been planted in rural areas under the wise leading of the Holy Spirit. More than 100 hundred active churches (we call them […]


2019: ‘The Year of Exodus’ for children of God

Each January we organise a vibrant New Year’s seminar, especially at the MRC headquarters in which all pastors, leaders and members from Dar es Salaam and Coastal regions come together to attend faithfully. In this year’s event, we witnessed a historic and unprecedented gathering, as more than 400 people occupied seats! In January 2019 we […]