Praise & Worship


But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.John 4:23 (NKJV) 

In the Maranatha Reconciliation Church to praise the Lord and to worship him is more than singing, dancing and raising hands. Just like it was in the early church, praise and worship is way of life for the members of Maranatha Reconciliation church. The way pillars support large buildings so does the ministry of praise and worship supports other services rendered by our church. Despite the fact that the ministry of praise and worship is a part of believer’s daily life, still yet there is great power when believers congregate to praise the Lord. It is during this ministry that believer uses all his three dimensions to pour him/herself before the Lord. First through singing, a believer uses his strength to raise his voices before God and uses his body organs like his hands, legs and head, to dance before the Lord. Praise and worship bring believer closer to the presence of the Lord.

Maranatha Reconciliation Church believes that the Holy Spirit which was poured from heaven without measure more than two thousand years ago is the Spirit of praise. The church encourages believers to give God offering of praise wherever they are, be at home, on the road, working places, while in prayers and at church service. However lack of knowledge has misled many believers to be satisfied with the praise and worship conducted only at church services. The time has come for the believers to remove this road block which has become a major cause for this good service to loose its meaning. When this stumbling block has been removed, each believer will recognize the fact that praising and worship is more than singing and raising hands during the church service.

When this stumbling block is removed, believers will realize the relationship that exists between praising and thanks offerings. Kind David in Psalms always insists on thanks giving and praising (Psalm 116:17). When a believer approaches the Lord it is necessary to first present thanks offering and then offering of praise and worship. In this way the doors of heaven shall be open to bring the believer in the presence of the Lord. Therefore it is correct to say that a true service should always combine three things; THANKS GIVING, PRAISE and WORSHIP.

With these words we believe that, God will motivate you toward the real sense of praise and worship at this crucial time when we are waiting for the sound of the last trumpet. Praise and worship will destroy the strong hold of Satan and enable the church to grow in quality and in number. May the Lord bless you and make praise and worship a part of your life.