Youth ministry

Youth Ministry
Young Generation - God's most powerful vessels

For I have written to you, young men, Because you are strong,
and the word of God abides in you, And you have overcome the wicked one.
1 John 2:14 (NKJV)

According to data collected throughout the world, it is believed that most of the people who inhabit the world today are youth. So it goes without saying that it is the youth that cause the world to go around. If it happens the youth to boycott, life in this world would cease to be. The old would have not be able to take over the task force of the youth.

This big number of youth cannot be controlled by the few elders and this is a sympathetic situation. This is due to the fact that, most of the youth are approaching the danger zone where death awaits them. Most of them have taken to drugs abuse, drinking and adultery. These pleasures and others are claiming their lives in millions. The danger they encounter is not seen in the early days of entering the danger zone but after it is too late.

Because of the globalization which has converted the world into a small village, This dangerous zone has easily spread itself on earth to reach almost every youth in Asia, America, Europe, Australia, Africa and New eland. Even in China where discipline of the youth was protected by the policy of communism, has now been affected by this zone of darkness.

Anything directed by the youth, is likely to develop very fast and bring hope or disaster to the society. Due to this fact, Satan is using the youth today, to destroy people‘s relationship with their creator. He does more than that, when he destroys the youth mentally and physically. Sounds of sorrow and lamentation from grieved parents can be heard throughout the world. Their children have been ruined; prisons are filled with their youth while the streets are filled with drunkards, thieves, murderers, drug takers, homosexuals, lesbians, prostitutes, dirt music, abusive languages, hate and arrogance among others.

The streets have become hostile and shameful places where a decent couple fears to walk. This is the vivid situation of the dangerous zone where the youth is incarcerated and refuse to work. The struggle of the world organization to restore the situation seems to fail. Let me declare clearly that, as the day for the Second Advent approaches, and the world technologies advance, Satan through televisions channels and internet, has grabbed the youth by throat and is choking it to death.

To the deplaned people, this type of life is filthy that gives out a foul smell, but to the youth, it is honey. Although the youth is aware of the dangers that result from these sins, fail to prevent itself when it is attracted by half naked girls and women who live in this zone. The Maranatha Reconciliation Church knowing all this has seen it necessary to establish a special department for the youth which will aim at building spiritual stability through sound bible teaching. The church believes that Jesus Christ is the only person who will save the youth from this threatening situation.Maranatha Reconciliation Church program for the youth do the following:

  • To create self-awareness for the youth.
  • Unite the youth in the home church and other churches worldwide.

  • To make youth to realize their spiritual duties within the church and outside it.

  • Promote the talents given to them by God. To make them realize their value to eternal life.

  • To build them spiritually and physically.

What we want you to realize here is that, the foundation objectives of this church are aimed at training the youth to accept Christ. So as to reach this objective, the youth in co-operation with their guardians, have special program of service such as; preaching to the people about salvation, prayers, gospel music, games, arts, counseling, food sharing, seminars among many others. The youth also co-operate with the youth of other churches, students in colleges and school to widen this service.

This church advice all those who are dealing with the youth to direct and teach them in best ways apart from the fact that, this task is very difficult. The guardian should be aware of the challenge that faces the youth from the world, their bodies and Satan. Sometimes these obstacles lead the guardian to loose hope. The youth is of very high value before the Lord, therefore we should hold on till victory is found in the name of Jesus. If you need to work together with the youth in MRC, you can communicate with the youth department of this church through the addresses found on this site.